Not a snapshot... they are never flattering

Nor a passport photo... do you really want to look like your driver's license photo?

A striking business portrait is your most powerful tool...

Smart people control their Image with our Same-Day Business Portraits - take them with you!

This price includes:
1- The portrait session in our studio,
2- Help choosing the right image,
3- Retouching and post processing,
4- Portraits printed immediately - take them with you,

5- A set of four 4x5 prints,
6- Your portrait on disc in a digital size and format for use in newspapers, Web pages, letterhead and on business cards.

In our studio the publicty session is $139 and includes everything you’ll need...the session, portraits, a disc.It takes about an hour and you will take your finished images and a disc with you.

You’ll see us work our retouching magic when you view your images. We'll soften lines and increase the impact of your look. It’s facinating to watch and we can make your portrait look exactlly the way you want. Then we will print the images and put the file on a disc for you to take with you. All while you wait...ready within minutes.

Or we can come to your office for a story-telling image. The price structure on location is different than in the studio because we literally “bring the studio equipment” to you and can photograph multiple individuals at the same time. We do require a certain minimum portrait order for on-location portraits because of the time involved.

Either way, trust us to make you look terrific.

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Still in the Phone Book through May 31, 2009.
Don's cell phone is 513-325-1576
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