What to Wear?

Clothing is the single most important decision you can make about the look of your portrait.

Taking a few minutes to do a clothing consultation with us can mean the difference between having an outstanding portrait or one that is just okay.

Please avoid stripes, plaids and loud prints of any kind because they will make the portrait too busy and confuse the look.

A sleeveless blouse or shirt is fine on children, but on an adult sleeveless will make one's upper arms look heavy in a portrait. Full length sleeves or above the elbow length photograph best.

In family groups have everyone dress in similar tones. If one person is wearing bright red or wearing white while everyone else is in navy, the one in red or white will stand out like the proverbial thumb.

If possible have everyone dressed the same. You'll love black turtle neck shirts with jeans or dark slacks for a casual look. White shirts work well with khaki pants. Wear dark suits for a more formal portrait.

Eyeglasses act like mirrors and reflect the light back to the camera. These reflections can be so bright as to completely wash out your eyes in the photograph. Reflections are even more noticeable with natural light where we can't move the light to minimize the reflections.

Consider either not wearing glasses for the portrait session or have the lenses removed from a set of frames so the reflections won't hide your eyes in your portrait.

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